About the Series

Join us as Robots & Pencils Salesforce Lead Dan Peter, a 7x Salesforce MVP with 30+ certifications, hosts a 3-part webinar series this summer and fall! Discover what it takes to utilize the combined power of Salesforce + Slack in your business – and how doing so can be truly transformative. With guest subject matter experts in user experience, business strategy, Slack development and more, you'll hear from long-time partners and power users of both platforms who know firsthand how these tools can accelerate organizational efficiency, productivity, and growth. Explore:

  • Why Salesforce users need to care about Slack, including the features that transform how you operate 
  • Key use cases, including how to simplify permissioning, reduce bottlenecks, and increase time in deep work
  • The importance and secrets of choosing the right platform for building Slack apps
  • Using Slack to support security and compliance in regulated industries
  • Designing intuitive, effective experiences on Slack and Salesforce

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Salesforce + Slack drives business impact

Tracey Zimmerman, President & CEO
“Slack and Salesforce teaming up will lead to huge acceleration of impact for today’s organizations and digital workplaces. As a provider of Slack and Salesforce services, Robots & Pencils has already seen such meaningful improvements in customer satisfaction and growth, employee productivity and user satisfaction when combining the power of Salesforce and Slack for our clients.”
Dan Peter, Salesforce Practice Lead
“The Salesforce Platform is the fastest way to bring future proof apps to market. It’s powerful mix of low code and pro code features allow you to build almost anything, while evolving to always stay state of the art. Much like a Tesla, your app will improve and upgrade itself over time without you having to do anything!”
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Clare Tyson, Director of Revenue Operations & Slack Partner Liaison
"Slack Connect makes my job infinitely easier to collaborate with clients and partners outside my organization. Whenever I go back to email it feels too formal and my ability to get things done is hindered by the platform."
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Tahishia Simmons, Director of Support & Managed Services
"The best thing about Slack is the flexibility. There’s so much functionality available right within Slack, such as Workflow Builder and App integrations. But if you want to do a little more, you’re able to create bots to do work specific for you and your company, such as a bot that greets new employees that join your company and helps them with onboarding."

Who is Robots & Pencils?

Robots & Pencils is a team of experienced strategists, designers, technologists, and UX professionals. We help clients in education, financial services, and more to develop products and experiences that are technically sound and beautifully designed while delivering unbeatable business value.

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77 Million
Created more than 300 apps used by 77 million people worldwide, with five #1’s in the App store
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Over 200 talented robots, pencils and ampersands with an average of 15+ years of experience
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1 Billion
Nearly one BILLION minutes played monthly through our video & game platforms
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Founded in 2009
Robots & Pencils has grown to 6 offices across the United States and North America

Trusted strategic partner to some of the world’s best brands

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