UX Jumpstart

Increase your app usability & ROI

See how your mobile app compares with mobile heuristics, industry best practices and – most importantly – your unique users’ needs and expectations.

How our UX Jumpstart works

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Our experienced UX researchers will assess your app and provide immediate and long-term recommendations on how to improve usability and accessibility to boost user engagement, retention and mobile revenue.

Our rigorous quantitative and qualitative assessments include:

  • Heuristic evaluations
  • Kano surveys
  • User interviews and testing
  • System usability score

In as little as 30 days, we’ll compile all results and analysis into a UX Research Report that arms you with an advanced understanding of your users and key opportunities for improving your app. With this report in hand, you’ll be prepared to create a seamless, intuitive mobile experience that keeps your users coming back for more.

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We reinforce our clients as leaders in their fields by creating early and competitive advantages with leading edge technology and design. Here are a few more ways we can start providing your business with value, fast.

Icon_Under Hood
Under the Hood Assessment
Find out how to increase app speed and performance
Icon_Innovation Audit
Innovation Audit
Gain a roadmap for accelerating mobile and business transformation
Icon_3-2-1 Package
3-2-1 Package
Get an interactive app or functional prototype ready to share in just 3 days
Icon_5 Star Formula
5-Star Formula
Improve app ratings for higher store visibility and downloads
Icon_Mobile Optimization
Mobile Optimization
Boost key metrics while making smarter data-driven decisions

Why Robots & Pencils?

From apps to bots to AI, we fuse creativity + technology to deliver superior digital experiences for our clients.

Icon_77 Million
77 Million
Created more than 300 apps used by 77 million people worldwide, with five #1’s in the App store
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~200 talented robots, pencils and ampersands with an average of 15+ years of experience
Icon_1 Billion
1 Billion
Nearly one BILLION minutes played monthly through our video & game platforms
Icon_10 Years
Founded in 2009
Robots & Pencils has grown to 6 offices across the United States and North America

Trusted strategic partner to some of the world’s best brands