The 5-Star Formula

Boost app store visibility and downloads

To earn higher app ratings, you have to ask the right users at the right time, which is precisely what our 5-Star Formula is designed to do.

Find out how to get your app a 5-star rating

5 star@2x

The 5-Star Formula from Robots & Pencils will help you:

  • Boost your mobile app ratings
  • Increase Google Play and iOS App Store visibility
  • Drive Google Play and App Store conversion

To achieve this, we'll use a proprietary algorithm built based on our success getting 77 million total downloads – an algorithm that determines exactly the right time to prompt users to give your app a 5-star rating.  

When customizing this algorithm for your app, we’ll develop initial hypotheses around triggers, wording and frequency for your ratings prompt – testing and iterating our work until we develop the perfect formula for you!

Make your app stand out from the competition

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We reinforce our clients as leaders in their fields by creating early and competitive advantages with leading edge technology and design. Here are a few more ways we can start providing your business with value, fast.

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Why Robots & Pencils?

We reinforce our clients as leaders in their fields by creating early and competitive advantages. Here are a few ways we can start providing your business with value fast.

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77 Million
Created more than 300 apps used by 77 million people worldwide, with five #1’s in the App store
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Nearly 200 talented robots, pencils and ampersands with an average of 15+ years of experience
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1 Billion
Nearly one BILLION minutes played monthly through our video & game platforms
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11 Years
Started in 2009, Robots & Pencils has grown to 7 offices across North America and in the UK

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